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Transform Your Las Vegas Business Brand With Video Marketing Agency Productions & Case Study Campaigns: 

We work with businesses interested in igniting their sales and want to dominate the local market in only 90 days or less!

Video Marketing Producer & Case Study Expert Helped Over 200+ Small Businesses Throughout Las Vegas, Nevada And U.S. Based Brands

Highlight: Direct-Sales Start-Up Went From

7 Figures To 9 Figures Within 12 Month Span Implementing The Video Marketing Formula

When small businesses and local brands sought hyperlocal marketing solutions, they turned to the authority in the field: Johnie Tidwell Media, now the formidable 90 Day Video Marketing Agency.

In sizzling Las Vegas, where the demand for video and digital marketing reached record levels, industry giants Yellowpages.com and Yelp.com needed more than just a partner—they needed a strategic virtuoso.

We were the ones who could create impeccable content and flawlessly execute video marketing campaigns for numerous businesses.

Video Marketing & Case Studies Broad Overview:

  • *Client Types: Worked with Home Improvement Contractors, Top Attorneys in Las Vegas, Real Estate Professionals, Multiple Medical & Dental Practices, Entertainment & Amusement in the Entertainment Capital of the World, hundreds of Restaurants & Retail off and on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas Valley and surround counties.

  • *Locations Filmed: Las Vegas, DTLV, Las Vegas Strip, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Lake Las Vegas, Spring Valley, Paradise, Southern Highlands, Arts District, Green Valley North, Centennial Hills, Red Rock Canyon, Tule Springs, Peccole Ranch, Sunrise Manor, Desert Shores, East Las Vegas, Skye Canyon, Lone Mountain, Queensridge, Chinatown Plaza, Koreatown, Mountain's Edge

  • *Type of Services: Video Production Service, Pre-Production, Post-Production, Video Copywriting, Video Scriptwriting, Video Marketing, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Sound Design, Voice-Over, Audio Recording, Casting, Voice-Over Talent, Cast On-Camera Talent, Music, Music editing

  • *Number of Projects: Total 200+ Video Projects

  • *Duration of Project: Serviced clients directly and created content for 10 years for major corporations

*Creative Producer & Video Marketing Specialist: Johnie Lewis Tidwell, Jr., Over 35 years experience in film, television, documentary, new media industry in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Hong Kong.

*Features/Benefits: HD | 4K Video Production Shoot, Media-Driven One Page Site Campaigns, Keyword Written Content For Search Engine Optimization For Local A.I. and S.E.O. - Strategy optimize local awareness for small businesses to reach their target customers and clients.

*Challenge: Most video production outfits obsess over the technical nitty-gritty of cobbling together a corporate video, all the while missing the mark on what truly matters to the business owner – the very reason they hired a production company in the first place. The end result? Frustration galore.

*Solution: Instead of getting lost in the technical maze, we design media-driven content that not only captures your business's products, services, and success stories but does so in a way that commands attention & ignites word-of-mouth buzz.

*The Mission: Our mission is straightforward and unwavering: We exist to safeguard the business owner's prosperity. Our purpose goes beyond crafting flashy, one-shot videos. It's about amplifying your brand's presence, resonating with both fresh prospects and dedicated patrons. Our sole pursuit? Elevating your sales figures and etching your brand's legacy deep into the bedrock of success.

*Summary: With a decade of experience under our belt, we've honed our expertise to a fine edge. Led by the seasoned Creative Producer and Video Marketing Specialist, Johnie Lewis Tidwell, Jr., we've not only mastered the art of crafting media-driven content but have also formulated a strategic approach to elevate your business's success through video marketing.

*Our secret sauce? A meticulous focus on content structure and a treasure trove of case study strategies. Our mission remains unwavering: Safeguarding your business's prosperity, magnifying your brand, engaging new prospects, and boosting your sales. That's our steadfast commitment to securing your lasting success.

3 PATHS TO SUCCESS: Consultation, Done For You Or Do Nothing At All

Video Marketing Training Consultant & Agency

Unlock the Power of Your Brand with Expert Content Creation and Community Building! 🚀

Are you a small business or brand looking to connect with your ideal audience and drive meaningful engagement?

Say goodbye to the endless grind of social media and hello to a thriving community of consumers in just 90 days!

  • 90 Days to Elevate Your Brand & Presence.

  • From Social Media to Real Connections.

  • Compelling Content, Lasting Community: Transform Your Brand.

As a seasoned professional, I specialize in crafting compelling content and fostering vibrant online communities that resonate with your target market.

Let's transform your digital presence together, attracting genuine interest and connections that last.

Ready to make your brand shine?

I can advise, guide or have my team produce video marketing campaigns for you.

Reach out today and let's start the journey toward lasting success! 🌟📢

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Implement our video marketing formula that transformed a debt-stricken start-up into a 9-figure industry leader.

Essential insights tailored for ambitious small business brands ready to level up!

Free Video Marketing Consultation Sessions

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  • Start-ups and small enterprises in the B2B/B2C service sector.

  • Consultancies and agencies aiming to supercharge lead acquisition for their brand or clients.

  • Marketing veterans on the hunt for transformative tactics to amplify their success.

  • Freelancers and side-hustlers in pursuit of a reliable blueprint to attract a consistent influx of high-quality clients.

  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders keen on diversifying their client sourcing beyond just referrals and networking.


  • Brick-and-Mortar Ventures, Especially Eateries - My experience is deeply rooted in assisting restaurants. Yet, this program is designed for businesses that thrive in both the bustling streets and the vast digital realm.

  • Budding Marketers - For those just dipping their toes into the marketing pool, it's crucial to understand the transformative power of strategic investment. It's not just about spending; it's about amplifying growth, skills, and sales.

  • Ambitious Entrepreneurs - Dreaming of a 6 or 7 figure success? While our 90-Day Video Marketing Formula is potent, it demands dedication. Success is a two-way street; let's walk it together.

We are a team of experts with 35+ years of film, television and new media industry experience media credentials from some of the top media companies.

90 Day Video Marketing Agency is the world's first video marketing agency & media release service

  • Video & Media Page Releases

  • Very few services around the world offer video releases and media page release both unique to our video marketing agency. Most pr agencies and press release services are still using text based content. In the digital web3 and mobile era, we all consume our information news in video and digital media format. IT is the best way to get more ATTENTION amongst the noise.

  • Media-Rich Storytelling & Proof of Concept Case Studies

  • Traditional television, radio, print and worldwide web, still deliver concepts and stories the old fashioned way. We need to grab the audience, through readership rich with visual storytelling and audio all in one presentation platform. We take the best of all mediums to create synergetic online one page information hub for products, services and brands.

  • Video Marketing Campaigns & Distribution

  • We help you deliver your targeted video marketing campaign to the RIGHT distribution channels on all platforms where your community of clients, customers and tribe spend most of their time consuming information. The hypnotic messaging and irresistible offers we create with you will attract the right buyer to become your loyal fans, clients, customer. Grow your community and tribe.

    I'm Your Video Marketing Producer & Media Release Expert

    Founder of 90DayVideoMarketingAgency.com

    I've helped over 200+ small businesses with video marketing and online branding in Las Vegas, and launched an online video marketing campaign with a goal of generating millions in Monthly Recurring Revenue.

    • Specialize in local marketing for small businesses

    • Create irresistible offers for products and services for your clients, customers and community

    • Inform and educate clients & customers with proof of concept content and case studies pages

    My one and only goal will be to work with you and strategize a plan that can take your business to the next level using systems that create insane profits.

    Have questions?

    Reach out by call or text Johnie directly at 818.209.3281 or 702.900.8531 or book an appointment on the calendar

    I'm open to giving you a few ideas on how to inplement video marketing or media release campaigns for your products, services or brand.  


    Video Marketing Producer & Coach Video Brand Copywriter

    Introducing Johnie Lewis Tidwell Jr., a seasoned traveler of TV, film & new media industry, charting an authentic course for over 30 years. His journey weaves through collaborations with industry giants and a documentary exploration that delves into genuine narratives.

    Notably, he guided an animation web series during the dotcom era, a trailblazing endeavor that found its stride with a major cable network. Johnie's prowess also steered an independent direct sales video marketing campaign that breathed authenticity and storytelling into the world of entrepreneurship - helping to generate millions for a small mlm start-up.

    In the present, his focus converges on fusing AI innovation, strategic video marketing, hyperlocal AI marketing and the art of educational content. This fusion has the power to redefine how brands, entrepreneurs, and businesses genuinely connect, inspire, and inform.

    Elevate your brand's narrative, wield the potential of AI, and navigate new stories under Johnie's authentic guidance. The journey toward compelling storytelling and brand elevation starts here.

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